Why Telling YOUR Story Is Essential

As a green inspired business, your products and services face many challenges.  One of the more significant challenges is price.  Your organic tomatoes are higher priced than those that are conventional.  Your pillow made from upscaled fabric is more expensive than one found at a big box retailer.

When you tell your story you accomplish many things:
  • You educate your followers.
  • They get to know you and trust you.
  • Your customers begin to understand the value that you offer.
Why is this important?

When customers better understand what you do and why you do it price becomes less important.  They start to see the overall value of what they are purchasing.  Perhaps when they first encountered your tomatoes they saw them as ‘overpriced’ – now they start to see a carefully nurtured vegetable that offers them health benefits, and gives them a sense of pride when purchased.  The pillow made from upscaled fabric is something more than ‘an old piece of fabric to throw on their couch’ – it becomes a piece of art and a symbol of their commitment to the environment.

The next step is to start putting pen to paper (or fingers to the keyboard) to start telling your story.

Free Teleseminar

I’ll be hosting a free teleseminar on December 4th about this topic.  Visit the Events page or click here to register.

You’ll leave the call with 10 ways to tell your story and captivate your customers.  Plus… I’ll provide tips on how to use this info on Facebook and Twitter.

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