The Importance of a Logo

Having a logo is important.

Yes they cost money, and yes businesses often skip this step.

But here’s the thing – your logo is your branding in a nutshell. The fonts and colours of your logo set the stage for all of your other marketing materials.

If you can, spend the time and money now to develop a logo, as it will become your guide as you develop other marketing efforts.

What makes a good logo?
  • It reflects who you are.
  • It’s professional.
  • It’s simple. (Oh and this is painful when you are spending money but really that’s what you are aiming for.)
  • The fonts are easy to read.
  • Not too tall, and not too wide so that it can work in a variety of situations.
  • You like it.
When you are looking for a designer for your logo:
  • Review your designers’ portfolio.
  • Call up their past customers and get some feedback.
  • Ask for a written quote.
  • Confirm how many times you can make adjustments before it results in extra charges.
I checked in with the designer of my logo – Tara Mundy of TMI Design. She provided this checklist to use when reviewing logo concepts…
  1. Do most of the concepts presented capture the essence you intended?
  2. Are any words easy to read?
  3. Is it functional? Could you reproduce the logo in black and white? Can it be scaled without losing resolution? Is it in vector format?
  4. Is it unique and original? If it has a swoosh – find another designer.
  5. Is it timeless, memorable and simple?
After your logo is finalized…

Make sure your designer sends you copies of your logo files.  You should receive your logo in a variety of formats including .jpeg, .ai, and png.  You may not be able to open all of them, but will potentially need them for use on your website, print materials etc.  (For example, .jpeg files can break apart when blown up to larger sizes making your logo look fuzzy.)

Last but not least, create a specific folder just for your logo files and save them there so they are easy to find.

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