Are you doing a good job of supporting your marketing staff?

Help your marketing staff succeedWhether you hire a contractor to assist a few hours a month or are able to assign a staff member to marketing, it’s important for them to succeed.  Their success is your success.

It’s in your best interest to support their efforts, and give them the tools they need to accomplish great things for your business.

Establish Timelines

As much as possible, map out project tasks and decide on timing and due dates.

Excel can be an excellent tool for making lists and then sorting and prioritizing tasks.  Other systems such as TeamWork may be helpful, or perhaps your existing software systems can be utilized.  Sometimes it may be something simple, like confirming expectations in an email.

The key is to put it in writing. Staff can then refer to this and it makes your expectations clear.

Make Time to Meet

Have regular meetings or “check in” sessions to make sure you’re on the same page and that everyone –including yourself understands where things are at, and where they are headed.

Not only do these meetings allow you to check the status of your team members, but it also helps to build rapport and flush out unasked questions your staff members may have.

Be prepared for meetings as much as possible.  This could be as simple as keeping a list of items you need to review.

Take time to re-confirm in a follow up email what the next steps are, and their respective deadlines.

Require Documentation (and Allow Adequate Time for Documentation)

Not only does this support the idea of consistent and continuous improvement, but it also aids in continuity.  It’s unlikely staff or contracted team members will be with you forever. Detailed notes and documentation means that when future team members come on board, they can easily figure out where the previous team members finished.

Electronic records should be well organized in folders.  On a regular basis ask staff to give you a ‘tour’ of the computer files so you can see how things are being saved and where they are being saved.  In addition to a general tour of files, think of 5-10 specific files and have the staff show you their exact location.

Paper records are also important especially when multiple staff share computers, some staff (or even yourself) have limited computer skills and/or computers are in locations that are not handy.  Binders are great at keeping key information organized and in order.

Don’t Expect Perfection

While perfection is a great dream to have, it’s better to keep your feet planted firmly in reality. Instead of perfection, expect continuous improvement from your team members.

This is especially true if your team members are responsible for a wide variety of tasks and/or their background is not in marketing.

Master Current Marketing Efforts before Moving Forward

It’s easy to get caught up in the “shiny new object syndrome” so common in the world of marketing.  Don’t let that happen to you OR your staff.

Keep staff focused on your current marketing efforts before you make additions or changes to what you’re doing.  For example, your staff may want to become involved in a variety of social media channels.  It’s likely better for them to concentrate on mastering one to two channels first.

Give Credit Where it’s Due

Recognize and appreciate their efforts.  Everyone learns from praise as well as criticism.

These are small things any business can do in order to help their staff members succeed in their marketing efforts. Since it’s your business they’re supporting, you want to make sure they have the tools, advice, and guidance to be their best.


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