Hi there, I’m Susan Ratz of Milkweed Marketing.

I’m known for being…Susan Ratz speaking at 2014 Guelph Organic Conference

Persistent – I don’t give up easily.  I don’t like tough discussions – just like anybody else – but sometimes they’re necessary to tackle challenges and move forward.  If something is languishing I’ll follow up until we can gain traction again.

Straightforward – I’m not big on sugar coating.  Maybe a drop of honey.  But generally I “tell it like it is.”

Realistic – You have limited time and resources.  It’s important to me to provide options that maybe require a little stretching but not a lot of discomfort.

And did I mention – hard working, detail oriented and reliable?

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My Green Side…

I’m no green superstar, but I try.  I love gardening, try to cook from scratch as much as possible and am a bit crazed about composting – including vermicomposting.  (Love my worms!)  My girls wore cloth diapers and ate homemade baby food.  I’m also hooked on heirloom tomatoes for my garden and am fascinated by Massassauga rattlesnakes that are found near our family cottage.

Why “Milkweed” Marketing?

Monarch butterflies rely exclusively on milkweed for their existence. It’s where they lay their eggs, and the only plant their caterpillars will eat. No milkweed, no monarchs.

After emerging Monarchs need time for their wings to unfurl and dry. In this picture there are 5 Monarchs who all emerged about the same time. We had moved them from their cage to a bush outside.

2009 – We started using a small plastic aquarium. You can see 3 caterpillars on the leaves and 2 chrysalises on the branches.

In 2009 I started raising monarch butterflies as a little project with my children and continued doing so until 2014 when it became harder to find eggs and some personal commitments cut in on my caterpillar time.  More recently, in addition to growing milkweed I have been growing dill to attract black swallowtails.

I know, raising butterflies isn’t exactly solving global warming but it’s interesting and addicting.