5 Questions To Ask Before Hiring a Website Developer!

Hiring a website developer to revamp or create a website for your business is a major investment.  Not only does it cost money to hire a developer, you will also spend a lot of your own time on the project.  You will also have to balance what you would like your website to achieve versus your budget.Image of paper pad and pen.

This NOT a time to be shy.

Ask lots of questions and take good notes about the answers.

Here are 5 questions to ask potential website developers…

#1    I want to do website updates myself – will you train me so that I can do this?

Will the training be included in the price?  How will that training be provided?  A printed manual, video tutorials, over the phone meeting and/or in person?

#2    Do you provide copywriting services?

Or, in simpler terms, will you help me write the content to go on the website?  If no, is there someone you would suggest?  If yes, is it included in the price?  If it is not included how much extra would it be?

#3    Who is responsible for loading the content to the website?

Will you do that or will I need to?  If you will load the content, is it included in the price?

#4    Is designing websites your full time or part time focus?

If part time, what other jobs or projects do you work on?  Listen to their answer, and judge how your work is going to fit into their schedule.  Will it be a priority?  If it will take more time to complete your website is that ok?  When you discuss a deadline with them how confident do they sound in meeting it?

#5    What are your payment terms?  Is a deposit required?  When is the final balance due?

Be very wary of designers who would like full payment up front.  If you pay everything at the beginning, it leaves you without an important negotiating tool if the project is not meeting your expectations or is running late.

Review not only the answers themselves, but how the information was delivered.  Was the developer professional?  Do you feel like you would get along with this person?  Was it easy to communicate with this individual or did you have to chase them for answers?

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